Sheikha of Kalambaka


Sheikha Isiryt
Age: 38
Race: Human/Sychfaillean
Alignment: LN

Isiryt, Sheikha of Kalambaka, rose to prominence after inheriting the extreme wealth of her mother, Sharif Amenset. Taking this wealth, Isiryt invested and traded in high risk, high gain markets. She is known for getting her hands dirty; personally traveling to trade her goods, tracking down missing investments, protecting goods from bandits and thieves, and being an all around badass.

Using the wealth from these investments and trade routes, Isiryt became the wealthiest woman in all of Kalambaka (quite possibly the world) and traded it in for a bid of becoming Sheikha. She was successful, becoming the youngest sheikha in Kalambaka’s history, and has ruled Kalambaka for five years now.


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