Ifrit--dervish dancer/bard--


About 5’7" and slender/curvy build. Tan or coppery skin and golden hair that fades/ombres into red. Because of her ifrit heritage it kind or seems to move or flicker rather unnaturally like a flame. Also because of her heritage, her eyes are black but also seem to flicker and spark (again thinking about fire ideas and embers would be a good visual for this).


Xaya’s father, a sort from Frossenmark, had some temporary affair with a fire elemental…not sure how that all works but maybe something to do with the volcano to the north…anyways, 9 months later he has a baby on his doorstep he doesn’t want. He has his wife’s handmaid take baby Xaya out in the wilderness for the “Angel Makers” to pick up. Lucky for her, a nomadic barbarian tribe found her and a couple who had just lost their baby adopted her.
Xaya never really fits into the harsh barbarian way of life but it makes her tough and capable and able to survive despite her desire for comfort and capacity for the lush and plush life. The group of nomadic barbarians have a tradition of pilgrimages for their youth coming into adulthood where they go out and have a ‘spiritual’ journey as well as intellectual journey. They are supposed to come back with something both spiritually and intellectually stimulating to help their tribe progress and grow.
Xaya sees this as a way to escape this way of life and to go off and adventure and gather new tales and live a broader life…and hopefully a life more filled with comfort. However, despite her desire for life’s luxuries she just can’t say no to the excitement and adventure and new experiences; thus she is continually propelled into discomfort and continually complaining about it. Up to this point she really doesn’t have any desire to ever return to her tribe and family.
Xaya is chaotic neutral but leans towards connections and friendships. She’s a pleasure and thrill-seeker to a fault and an unhealthy level. She leans towards being selfish and self-centered but her harsh life with the tribe has also taught her how valuable and necessary friendships, trust, and some sacrifice are in order to stay alive and well.

More to come…haha


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