Sharif Kiba


Sharif Kiba
Age: 54
Race: Human/Sychfaillean
Alignment: LN
8 Tactician/3 Cleric

Sharif Kiba is the newest addition to the Council of Kalambaka. Accumulating a great wealth from trade routes and exclusive trading rights with Frossenmark‘s Ice, he ascended to nobility as all on the council do; giving their trade agreements to the city, dispersing routes and businesses among lower merchants, forsaking all trading and merchant work in Kalambaka. In return for this, Kiba received a spot on the Council and a small percentage of the taxes accumulated from the citizens and buisnesses within Kalambaka.
In his marchant days, he was known as a ruthless merchant. By undercutting previous merchant’s prices, negotiating exclusive trade routes, and surviving the many assassination attempts from the rival merchants, he emerged as one of the top merchants of Kalambaka. While there may be wealthier merchants, Kiba decided to make a bid for the Council and forsake his previous life. The rationale behind this is simple, in his mind. Sharif Kiba loves his country, and has an interest in seeing it flourish and succeed.
His most recent efforts have included construction and restoration projects in The Ruins and outside the Old City, as well as heavily investing in several smaller, new enterprises and merchants. Rumor has it that he has received quite a following of these destitute citizens and start-up merchants that inhabit these poorer parts of town. He is respected, but not many are foolish enough to not fear him as well.

His House Sigil is a red sun and spear on a yellow banner,fb4c34e4d0098af0b3ba990b7cc8090f.jpg

Sharif Kiba

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