One of the first lines (along with Lastwall) against the incoming daemon invasion.
Daemons started attacking the city in droves in recent months.
Daemons have infiltrated the army and citizens as skinwalkers, turning the tides of battle against the defenders.
The Lich, released from its tomb near Malawi, is working to open a portal. Intelligence has discovered strong ties and worship to the Horseman of War, and it is assumed she is attempting to enter the world using the energy from the bloody fields of battle.

Sanctuary and Lastwall are fighting tooth and nail, and have only just managed to delay the incoming Horsemen into the world. They are in desperate need of help. Something or someone to help turn the war in their favor.

Notable Persons

Commander Sunstrike
Commander Kashvi
Commander Bryndottir
Commander Kiba
Auren Emissary
Innismyr Emissary

Notable Locations

Sunstrike Univeristy of War
First and Last Tavern
Wayfarer’s Guild Hall
Sanctuary Waystone
Karth Armory
Zurakhul Garden, Sanctuary Chapter
Shrine of the Divines
Stillwater Lake


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